Vintage Singer & Purveyor of Fine Tunes     

I'm told I get my voice from my Gramp and a lot of the song's I perform now, are ones he would sing, around the house and garden. "Straighten up and Fly Right" was one of his favourite's and is now, firmly one of mine.

After backing and fronting many band's, I went solo with Delores in 2012. After perusing a website specialising in quality backing track's, I realised I no longer needed a band to continue singing and I could now tackle the big band and jazz style number's, I've always loved. Being a solo act makes me the perfect choice for discreet background music, when people are arriving at an event, or dining . My kit is small, but the sound can be as big as a 6 piece band, meaning I've sung at events, with a 300 strong crowd. I have a beautiful, vintage chrome mic, sourced and shipped from the states, a real find, that look's and sound's 100% authentic and all my equipment is PATS tested. I am also fully insured.

Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day and Julie London are a perfect backdrop to any stylish event, party or wedding. However, I still enjoy singing chart, country and rock song's, from ABBA to ACDC and I can tailor every booking, to meet a client's need's. I'm extremely versatile and claim there's no song I can't, or wont sing.

To book Delores, just complete the enquiry form on my Contact page and Ill get back to you.

Prices start at £185.